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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society ( website )

An all-make club catering for enthusiasts who share an interest in Veteran, Vintage and Classic vehicles in the South East of England.

Tayside Classic Car Club ( website )

Tayside Classic Car Club was formed in 1989 at a meeting in the Craigton Coach Inn Monikie.

Traditional Car Club of Doncaster ( website )

For enthusiasts of vintage, classic and traditional vehicles.

UKPOC...UK Probe Owners Club ( website )

A friendly place for probe owners to meet and discuss there cars.

United Four Wheel Drive Associations ( website )

Activies, joining, members and information.

United Kingdom Borgward Drivers Club ( website )

History, committee, events and members. [United Kingdom]

Veteran Car Club of Great Britain ( website )

Pictures, links, journal and information.

Veteran Motor Car Club of America ( website )

The purpose of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America is to encourage the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of antique and historically significant automobiles.

Vintage and Classic Car Club of India ( website )

The Vintage and Classic Car Club of India. Includes events, gallery and membership information.

Vintage and Classic Car Club of Kenya ( website )

Formed in 1988 the clubs caters for those with an interest in Vintage or Classic vehicles. The Club's activities are various including Runs and Outings, Video Evenings and Talks.

Vintage Car Club of New Zealand ( website )

Information on upcoming events, membership and the magazine.

Vintage Sports-Car Club ( website )

This UK club seeks the preservation and competition of Vintage sports cars. The site includes library, events, news and membership information.

Watford Rods Club Site ( website )

Members, shows and news.

Wrteam ( website )

Information, images and email.
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