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Car Upkeep Likely Returned At Trade In Time

Money Spent On Car Upkeep Likely Returned At Trade In Time

In a booming economy money is spread around that might stay in one's pocket during leaner times. However, when it comes to paying people to keep your car clean and well maintained it would probably be money well spent, says the Car Care Council.

"At trade in time dealers are willing to pay extra for a car that' s  been kept in good condition," says Donna Wagner, Council President. "And, like your grade point average in school, you can't make it look good overnight. It's an ongoing process."

Wagner suggests washing your car at regular intervals and waxing it twice a year. If you opt to do the work yourself, research it first. Do-it-yourselfers who aren't familiar with the products they're using can do more harm than good. By all means, read the directions and follow them.

Take care of little dents, scratches and nicks in the exterior as they occur. Repair chipped or cracked glass, as well. Left unattended, small problems can turn into big ones fairly quickly. "There's new technology to treat many of these blemishes," advises Wagner. "Many times the service personnel are equipped to come right to your home or office."

The interior of your vehicle is just as important as the exterior. It's hard to sell a house that looks good outside but whose interior has been ravished. A car is no different. Cigarette burns in the upholstery, rips, tears and stains all decrease the value of a vehicle.

"Not only that,"emphasizes Wagner, "but it may have a negative psychological effect on the owner, as well. We spend lots of time in that driver's seat; it makes sense that we would feel better if the interior is well kept."

Maintenance is important, too. Car dealers look more favorably on a vehicle with detailed maintenance records. A car without any service history has an unknown value, and the owner is unable to validate any claims of repairs or maintenance.

Summer is the perfect time to pay special attention to your car. Get the exterior cleaned and waxed and take care of any bodywork that needs to be performed. Look at the inside with new eyes; start with the floor mats and work up. Finally, check the recommended service schedule and make maintenance a priority.

Keeping a vehicle clean and well maintained is one of the few responsibilities that provides both immediate gratification and financial compensation down the road.

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